29 June 2010

Favourite Blogs: Sew Retro

Sew Retro gets my FB vote this week. I've been following it for a while, as mentioned previously its a daily visit for me. As I've just become a member of the blog, I thought it really deserved a post here. So what I like about Sew Retro

1. It makes me feel normal to own 300 vintage patterns, most of which are not in my size. In fact it makes me feel like I do not own enough.

2. It makes me drool into my cornflakes with envy over the patterns other people own and the fabric they use and the time they have to do all of these wonderful creations.

3. It is just so lovely to be in a place with like-minded sewers and vintage enthusiasts. There are so many tips, ideas, support, camaraderie and much inspiration to be found here. The only thing is, I found myself thinking, I want to be able to put out a plea for help on projects but that's really a forum think, et voila, a lovely Sew Retro member creates a sewing circle for Sew Retro. Star!

So visit, flow, join, share, post to Sew Retro and prepare to lose far more of your day as you follow people off to their various blog homes...


  1. Wow, you have 300 vintage patterns, that's an impressive collection! I'm so curious what your stash looks like, I only have a handful but you're right, collecting them can be addictive!

  2. I'm cataloging the sewing patterns at the moment so I might be able to give you some details or better pics soon. It includes vintage knitting and crochet patterns even though I can't do either of those but just in case I learn! I think the earliest in mine is 1940s and some of every era after through to the 80s.

    I inherited my mom's collection and I can't ever just buy one (I get loads through ebay/etsy). Also people often sell job lots of them and there's always one in there you just have to have... I have very few modern patterns, I think that helps balance it out!

  3. I love it there too!