24 June 2010

Hold the Front Page!

Two bits of news.  First I've got round to adding some pics and details on my 9265 project page .

Secondly I am anxiously awaiting a new arrival!  My very first overlocker will arrive on Friday (it could have been yesterday but I ordered it 45 minutes after their courier had been, boo hiss!).

After reading many, many glowing reviews I am getting the Brother 1034D.  I really can't wait to get going with this baby which is good considering I've always been afraid of them and have avoided them as if they were a monster which 4 heads!  When I look at overlockers I think, wow that's a lot of thread to tangle, but now I am looking forward to getting creative with it and churning out those lovely pro seams, locked, finished and cut in one go (am I being overly optimistic here?)!

Thrown in with it I am getting three accessory feet - blind hem, gathering, and piping which seems to be a standard offer at the moment and a load of thread, some scissors and bits aaaaand free annual services. Woot!   :-)

While shopping I was wondering what the difference is between Brother 3034 and 1034, I have it on dealer authority that there isn't really one except a little cosmetics and dealer exclusivity and I noted the feet don't come bundled with the 3034 despite it's slightly higher price tag.

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