25 June 2010

Friday's Spoils

Well today has been a real treat for me... look at all the goodies that arrived!

Of course pride of place goes to the Brother 1034D overlocker, but I have to admit - I'm still a little afraid of it!  I've had it out the box, stroked it lovingly, looked through the accessories, watched the video and I've already read the manual several times because I downloaded it, but I haven't actually plugged it in yet... that'll be later!

The free gift with it wasn't bad at all, two pairs of scissors, snippers, measuring tape (can never have enough of those, can never find one when looking!), 2 boxes of needles, looper threading tools (yay!) and 12 cones of thread (which unfortunately failed the stress test so no seaming with them but its 60,000 yards of free thread and I'll use it for basting or finishing non-stress seams).  I decided to order extra thread to match the projects I'm working on.  So I have gorgeous colours of purple, yellow, red, pink and green.  It's not a top brand and will probably be a bit linty but it is strong and at £5 for four cones of 5000yds I'm happy as singing fig with it so far!  I reckon I could just as easily become a thread junkie as a fabric one!

Also arriving today was an A1 cutting mat I won on ebay for a bargain price of £10.51 (plus £6.49 p&p).  I also purchased a set of french curves to replace my orange cardboard one I templated myself!

And also off ebay a 25m unravelling reel of 20mm elastic and some 22" concealed zippers in assorted colours (there should be 10 but one was left behind :-(  Also I was disappointed with a couple of the colours but that is the hazard of buying online!  I must find a decent haberdasher near me.)

Mango helping to unpack the overlocker:

Then munching on meringue while watching Molly do happy dance around the room...

Sorry about the poor photo qualities, I think my lens needs cleaning and the light was too bright.

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