13 October 2010

Favourite blogs: New Dress a Day

or 365 days - 365 dresses - $365 to spend....

If you havent already clocked onto this great blog it is absolutely worth a visit, the woman behind the blog (I want to call her a girl, she is so young looking) is a true inspiration and here's why...

Marissa was made redundant and ,concerned about depleting funds, she decided no more clothes buying for a year... but what woman can do that?  So she gave herself a budget of $365 and did some serious thrift store and estate sale scrounging.  The result for a dollar a dress starts off truly-horrendous-but-with-redeeming-quality frocks in most cases and Marissa does some sorcery with her magical seam-picker, magical scissors and magical sewing-machine and turns them into something beautiful and up-to-date fashionable...



Who'd have thought they had so much potential?  She's inspired me to look at Ugly Duckling dresses in a completely new light...

P.S. Sorry about the dodginess of the photos, blogger is giving me a headache posting these tonight!
Another fab centenarian giveaway at Debi's blog, My Happy Sewing Place.  Again she's offering patterns from ever decade between 30s and 50s, theyre gorgeous.

In the UK you have 3 hours left to ge an entry in, cousins in the states you have a few more hours, lucky you!

11 October 2010

I'm a Mad Men Dress Up Doll!

So a current rage all my female friends (and a few males) are gossiping about is Mad Men. Now retrophile I may be but I have not succumbed to watching this program (it's probably very sensible that I don't, I'm way too impressionable) however I could not resist playing a little bit of animated dress up over at www.madmenyourself.com.

Like any avatar software, there are models for ladies and men in all shapes, sizes and skin tones, an awesome wardrobe to play with with many colour choices and a whole host of accessories plus the a host of backgrounds for your fantasy...

Here I am in a yellow, full skirted frock, so me. Dig those pearls, pretty brooch and ditzy glove!

And here am I, full screen, dining by moonlight with my own Mr Big. I've decided he's Tony Curtis, seems appropriate this week (not in his deceased state I might add, this is fantasy remember!).

I urge you all to go play and post about it up on your blog if you have one, would love to see your Mad Men alter ego!

3 October 2010

Quick update

Petticoat is finished (bar needingg a bit of pretty ribbon to finish off the yoke). Will take pictures when I have daylight! I am quite pleased with it but I won't feel entirely happy until I've put it under its destined dress and seen that it does its job!

I have to sew the destined dress still, but my mojo is back and running so hope to bring more exciting updates and pics soon! :-)