18 June 2010

I'm so excited!

I have been wondering, changing my mind and umming and ahhing over the adjustments I've been making to the vintage Butterick pattern... Should I be bothering? Will it work? Am I doing it right? Is there a better/easier way? Should I make further changes...  Anyway, despite changing my mind many times over, I have continued down my chosen path... I have graded the bodice up by an inch and done an FBA without bust darts (will explain why when I start the project page). This evening I tentatively stitched the bodice toile together, put it on, stood in front of the mirror and was delighted to see the alterations had all worked really well, it was just as I wanted.  I have two minor adjustments to make and possibly a third once it is made up but it means I can now get on with making my prototype tomorrow *huge grin*.


  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog :-) Don't you just love it when alterations work out?

  2. Hi Debi,

    It does make me happy, I'm just so surprised that something I've done actually worked! I haven't been taught grading or adjustments, I've read some books, absorbed people's tips off forums and printed off some articles online then sat and scratched my head, googled some more, got out the tracing paper and played with the pattern. I wasn't expecting it to work although I really hoped it would!

    Is that what it was like altering your dress? Whilst I was loading the dishwasher earlier, I was pondering your post, I really enjoyed browsing through your blog yesterday, you've made so many lovely things, I think my favourites have to be the lounge suit and the hi-waist trousers (3688). Anyway, I decided that I would write a post about it, I'll link you to it when its done! :-) x