19 June 2010

Charity Shop: Egyptian Skirt

I used to work next door to a charity shop.  Probably the most dangerous thing the wallet can endure.  I found the skirt below on one of my visits and fell in love with it.  Mostly for the style but also because the fabric appealed.  I would never have thought I would like it nor would I have bought it to make something with... (okay not quite true, years ago I found a very similar fabric and wanted to make bed linen out of it but I certainly didn't want to wear it!).  My favourite things about the skirt is the sash and buckle (it only crosses the front).  Despite all the colours, I actual struggle to find tops to wear it with, I usually opt for brown, the blue is a very strange shade not really captured here, not quite blue, not purple, not dark but not light....


According to the label it is from Lakeland, which to me is a kitchenware shop!  A different Lakeland?  Its dated 1980 which is the year I was born, I kinda like that! What do you think of it?

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