30 June 2011

Butterick Retro Again!

Heads up, it's Butterick sale time (again), this time all current patterns are $2.88 including the Retro range.  Is it me, or has the retro range shrunk? And why don't McCall's have one I wonder? And considering how prolific they were in the 50s, why is the Simplicity repro range so poor?

I am only just starting to find some of the great repro patterns that are now long out-of-print a second time.  These two lovelies arrived in the post this morning:

There seems to have been a spate of scallop hem tutorials recently so perfect skirt pattern to complement those, I have some brown crepe looking for the perfect pattern partner. The misses and girls coat pattern includes misses S to L and girls sizes 2 to 8 in the one envelope - what value!

I've blogged before of my love for mother-daughter patterns, but is it a little sad or is it cute? (Bearing in mind my daughter is not quite 2 and too young to choose what she wears, although I do ask her opinion and she's very good at demonstrating when she doesn't want to wear something!)

Also in the post this morning:
Part one of my floral summer dress.  Just have to draft a suitable bodice now but I'm not in a hurry since summer seems to be on holiday!

I notice on the back that there a typical Vogue clothing label, this one "Vogue Vintage Model" and the "Ask at counter for this label" instruction that featured on some original Vogue patterns.  Are they actually reproducing labels again? I've not seen them about... There was also some stern copyright regulations about not producing garments to sell from this pattern.  I suspect the debate over extent of copyright still rages though...

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