29 September 2010

What I found...

A thumbscrew YAY

A video tape of my dad taxiing a Lancashire bomber YAY

A little bit of my sewing mojo... I've had a depressing drought of not being able to face a pattern piece, fabric scissors or sewing machine, I've been busy with family stuff and I've been doing a costume design for Christmas panto which seems to have sated all my creative needs, but is it common to lose one's sewing mojo? 

Hopefully I will start to enjoy sewing again, and with that will come updates on the petticoat (Simplicity 5006), the Butterick 9265  dress and a Vogue inspired vintage repro. YAY!


  1. Wow, footage of your dad taxiing a Lanc, that's so COOL! I adore the Lanc and recently had the opportunity to see one do a fly-by at RAF Twinwood.

    I'm constantly losing my sewing mojo, I think because I tend to become a little compulsive when in the throes of a project and then I burn myself out for a little bit. From what I've read on other sewers blogs it happens occasionally to everyone, never fear!

  2. Thanks Toria,

    It is a special and rare video, hence being mortified that I had lost it! I love the fly-bys, haven't been to an airshow in many years though. Did you have a great time at Twinwood?

    Burn-out is a very good description. Part of the problem is I over-complicate things I keep telling myself to make the next item something simple from a commercial pattern and exactly to the pattern and instructions instead of loads of changes and notes and tweaks which result in brain overload! But that's no fun, right?!

  3. Twinwood was great fun, my friend and I have agreed it's a yearly thing and we'll dress up next time. The fly-by was my favourite bit! And at £20 for the day it was well worth it!

    I get frustrated because I can see how to change something, in theory, but don't have the skills to do it properly. And nothing fits. That's a big pain in the ... well, waist really because that seems to be the problem! ;)