19 August 2010

For want of a nail... the rider was lost...

So I have two sewing deadlines this weekend, I have been suffering major lack of sewing mojo as well as distractions elsewhere and I have finally prepped everything for whizzing through the machine and finish off to discover my presser foot is unattached.  Why?  Because I'd been messing with the ruffler foot and had taken it off to show my visiting ma, and for some reason I didn't reattach it and left the thumb screw on the side (yeah sometimes I am a real idiot).  Of course the screw is not there now and a hunt online through UK sewing machine shops has been fruitless for finding a replacement for the missing part (as has scouring the sewing room but at least I did a much needed clean up!).  Guess who has the enviable job of sifting through the vaccum cleaner contents tomorrow with a magnet? (I'm not holding much hope but I gotta try!)

Oh, where art thou?
Its not been a good week for finding things.  One of our freeview boxes has almost given up the ghost so I dug out a spare one I got given a few years ago but the remote was missing.  "Ah!" I thought, I saw that and saved it a couple of weeks ago when I was clear a clear out.  Can I find it now? My dad gave me a hi-8 tape to try and download for him, he now needs it back.  I put it in a safe place where I knew where to find it.  When I looked in the safe place it wasn't there. Nor is it anywhere else I've looked, this worries me even more, I'm praying for my dad's tape to turn up!

If only I could remember where I left my memory...


  1. I sympathize with you, I know what that is

  2. Thank Rosy, the good new is I now have a thumb screw (telescopic magnets are marvelous inventions) and my dad is in safe possession of his video tape!