3 October 2010

Quick update

Petticoat is finished (bar needingg a bit of pretty ribbon to finish off the yoke). Will take pictures when I have daylight! I am quite pleased with it but I won't feel entirely happy until I've put it under its destined dress and seen that it does its job!

I have to sew the destined dress still, but my mojo is back and running so hope to bring more exciting updates and pics soon! :-)

1 comment:

  1. Hey Molly, well done for getting your sewing mojo back! Sometimes I just have to make myself do some sewing and I instantly remember why I love it so.

    Thanks for the leads re. the 1930s pattern I'm hunting. This one is quite similar: http://www.sovintagepatterns.com/catalog/item/1657167/8032793.htm - although I've definitely seen one that's a closer match, I'm sure I didn't dream it...