5 July 2010

NVL wants You!

In blogs across the world the following image is popping up in side bars and on posts. It is a call to arms, to take up needle and thread and meet the challenge set by New Vintage Lady.

Inspired by war-time sewing literature which encouraged people to save fabric for the war effort and to make over existing items, use the fabric they already own or repair the things they have. In todays throw-away culture its a refreshing challenge, especially since it addresses that formidable patchwork mountain aka "The Mending Pile".  Here is what I plan to do to earn my Make & Mend Medal (there isn't a medal, I'm just continuing the war time allusion):

1) Use fabric I already have.  Fairly straight forward, most of what I am sewing for the time being is fabric I already have.

2) Alter a current pattern for a new garment.  I have a few potential qualifiers for this it will probably be altering a trouser pattern for my daughter.

3) The dreaded mend pile!  Well, yesterday I have repaired one item (for my sister) so that leaves just two to go.

4) Repurpose a piece of fabric.  I decided last week that a jersey skirt I own is rather unflattering but a gorgeous fabric so I am going to use the fabric to make a tunic dress for my daughter.  Will try to squeeze that  into July too.

5) Make something for some-one else?  Well most of my sewing this month is for dear daughter so another tick there.

I thought this was going to be a daunting project but actually, looking at my list, it looks quite acheivable... watch this space haha!

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