18 July 2010

Fanfare: Etsy Shop now open for business!

I'm very pleased to report I have set up and started listing in my Etsy shop.  It's very exciting and I'm hoping for great things from this venture (mostly enough income to fund my vintage pattern addiction and Mango's taste for rusks and cheese).

Although the shop idea originally was to sell modern and vintage styled clothes for children and some vintage / vintage style for grown-ups, it seemed a natural progression to add vintage patterns to the wares (and its good for me to have a clear out of them so I can buy some more!) so that is just what is stocked right now.  The clothing line will come into the shop around October time. I'm going to be be adding more each week so keep checking out what I have for offer.


1 comment:

  1. Ohmygosh, you opened?!? I'm off to have a look right now!!

    I looove the look of that blue dress pattern in the picture here *drools* I bet you will have so many exciting goodies! :))))

    P.S. The Mice approve of Mango's love of rusks and cheese!!