14 July 2010

Absence Note

Dear Miss,

I am very sorry for my prolonged absence but life has been altogether a bit busy.

The good:

  • Mango took her first steps last weekend, I'm so proud!
  • I'm costuming Aladdin for a Young Theatre in December so I've had some meetings and a dig around the costume store, lots of fun :-)
  • Sunshine = lots of days out in the garden and London parks with Mango
  • Pattern drafting, I have basic patterns for quite a few items of children's clothes now.
  • The opening of my Etsy shop is nearly here.  All the small print is in place, just got to add the listings.
  • New logo.  I've designed my own Owl as these were on borrowed lease from Shabby Blogs. He'll be making his appearance just as soon as I have time to play with the graphics. Twit twoo!
The Ugly:
  • I've still not finished my dress for the wedding which is in 2 days time eeep.  I've changed the bodice about 5 times now, but all the parts are finally cut, will I get it done in time...?
The bad:
  • Life can't always be peachy, some horrid, horrid persons broke into my car and stole Mangos pushchair.  I'm more upset about the loss of that than being broken into but something positive came of it, so desperately in need of distraction, I drafted two styles of overalls to keep my mind off it.  I've called them my "Depressed Dungarees" (not that I will be selling them under that name!).

1 comment:

  1. Hi Molly! You won one of the patterns in my giveaway! http://fashionsfromthepast.blogspot.com/2010/07/and-winners-are.html