14 May 2011

RSC Trippette

This week I went to visit the costume hire dept at the Royal Shakespeare Company.  How could I not try something on.... Isn't it lush?!

Apparently they don't corset their actresses and just heavily bone the bodices instead, this one had 12mm boning every other centimetre!  If they don't use corsets I am curious to know where they find so many 32"B-25"W actresses since that seemed to be pretty much all that was on the rail! "That Cornelia was just beauuuutiful dahling, but I'm afraid you'll never fit the costume. NEXT!!"

I had this urge to run my hands down every rail of men's costume in the hope that I would stroke something David Tennant had worn... My colleague told me that was desperate.  You still would though, wouldn't you?!


  1. Pretty! And yes, I totally would. I had to restrain myself from just doing that to him in person most days too ;)

  2. Hahaha, I bet you did! I was going to say you should have just gone for it just one time, but since you're now back at the Beeb, its probably best that you didn't!! :)