21 March 2011

Silence usually means asleep or up to no good...

... in the case of Mango who has been creating great mischief and thoroughly enjoying her toddler years.

In my case it means I am hard at work on another production for theatre, same company as before, this time producing Arthur Miller's The Crucible.  After so much research and design I feel like I could write an essay of American Puritanism and debunking the stereotype of the Thanksgiving Puritan.  Needless to say my cast are not monochromatic clones of a iconic misconception but an attempt to replica what they would more likely have looked like, along with a dose of artistic licence for the purpose of illuminating a couple of key characters (I have restrained the artistic licence as much as possible, rest assured).

This has given me much pleasure and a chance to try out a technique of fabric dyeing that I am now in love with - natural plant dyes. I am in the process of stocking up on dye sources, mordants and assistants and getting ready to embark on a dyeing adventure.  I have already spent a pleasant two days just toying with what I had in the kitchen already with very pleasing, and usually surprising results.  I can't wait to share it with you but I have so much to do and so little time it will be a while yet.  I'm just checking in really so y'all remember I exist!

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