9 January 2011

In with the New and Out with the Old...

Well that does sound such an anti-vintage thing to say but rest assured the "old" isn't old enough to fall into that category yet!  It simply means I am taking the new year as an opportunity to do some much needed decluttering.

A whole portion of my bedroom has been lost these last few months to an ever growing pile of boxes marked "ebay" and which I have not had the time to attend to but am now addressing! Maybe by February I will be able to get into the cupboards and bookcase again somewhere behind that pile!

My mood has also led to another sort through my pattern collection, there will be a lot going on Etsy when I re-open my shop and I am now looking for the perfect storage system for my patterns, which prompts the question, "How do you store yours?".  I would ideally like my patterns to be stored upright in single file (dividers ok) and flickable. I was thinking of chests of drawers or filing cabinets.  The latter would add some pretty tough protection against rodents, elements and fire but aren't exactly pretty or cheap yet a chest of drawers is going to take up quite a bit of space and I'm not sure where I could fit them... 

Finally I also spent a rewarding day shaking out and refolding all my fabric stash.  Its now sorted according to fabric type, folded in neat bolts and sat back on its shelves looking pretty as opposed to the messy, collapsed piles it had become.

As for the new, I have just treated myself to a new camera, thanks to the generosity of the family and their Amazon voucher gifts, that should arrive midweek so I can finally get taking pictures again.  It's been about 6 months since I had a working camera I think....  Blogging will become illustrated again!

What are you doing to mark the start of your new years?  And have you made resolutions?  I don't usually but I am going to try to organise blogging and sewing time better.  Maybe blog reading over breakfast, sewing in the daytime and blog-writing at night... otherwise I spend far too much time reading other people's fab blogs, inspiring me to rush downstairs and sew only to realise its far too late in the day and there are other things to be done.

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